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In order to grab the attention of investors and prospects, you must have a strong elevator pitch. Those who are most successful write pitches that are short and straight to the point. The goal is to keep your elevator pitch under two minutes and leaving your audience wanting more. Within this time, you want to describe your product or service to the best of your ability and share how it will be different from your competitors within the market. Let’s look at these key elements that everyone should consider when creating a successful elevator pitch.


Relate to your audience

Before going into an elevator pitch, you need to ask yourself why your audience should care. Think of issues that your market is facing and how you plan on solving one or more of those problems. If your service or product is very complex, you’re most likely to cover more problems than competitors. With that being said, you don’t want to present yourself as a broad business because you can risk over-selling yourself. Try your best to describe the problem you want to solve in just one sentence. Personalize yourself to stand out from others and grab the attention of your audience.


Share the benefits

As harsh as it may sound, people usually are more worried about what your product or service can do for them than they are interested in you. Try not to mention yourself too much but share how your job title relates to your product or service. Always say the benefits that you offer that competitors don’t without pointing out specific names. You want to make your audience feel like you understand them and are here to provide them with the best solution.


Create a call to action

To end your elevator pitch on the best note, you should always include a compelling call to action. Bring business cards to hand out and ask about scheduling a follow-up meeting so you can give your prospects more information about your service or product. If you get a sense that they may not be too interested, consider asking for a follow-up call.


Elevator pitches are one of the most challenging tasks and one of the most important marketing tools when trying to get your business up and running. Successful pitches can take a few tries, but practice makes perfect. Watch your success rise as you learn how to revise and perfect your pitch.


Joe Mcinerney Chicago