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According to recent surveys, more than 2 billion people worldwide use some form of social media. Since social media is so popular, this gives business owners instant access to a vast pool of potential clientele. To leverage the power of social media, business owners must make social media a part of their marketing strategy by following the three steps outlined below.


Generate High-Quality, Targeted Leads

The first thing business professionals need to do is generate high-quality, targeted leads. To attract high-quality leads, business professionals need to craft content that is compatible with the interests of their audiences. To do this, business professionals can research to figure out what interests their followers by putting out quarterly surveys and creating posts to ask for feedback. Once this information is compiled, business professionals can create visually appealing images and attention-grabbing content and sometimes create posts that include an urgent call to action for a limited promotion.


Drive Traffic

According to Post Planner, many small business owners use social media to drive traffic to their websites. To maximize the power of social media to increase website traffic, business owners must create a business profile on all the popular social media platforms and create content that is customized for each of them. For example, business owners can create eye-catching videos and photos for Instagram since this platform predominately features videos and pictures. On Facebook, business owners can develop a variety of content, such as written posts, photos and videos. Twitter can be used to create tweets to ask thought-provoking questions and share product updates. Business owners must also make pages on their website easy to share by placing social sharing links on each of them. Implementing all these traffic-growing strategies will guarantee an explosion of website traffic in short order.


Establish the Brand as an Industry Leader

For business owners to succeed on social media, they need to establish their brand as an industry leader. To do this, Hootsuite recommends that business owners share content to give their followers the impression that they are the go-to resource for information and advice in their industries. Business owners must regularly publish helpful articles and video content about their respective niches, and they also need to take the time to answer questions posed by their followers.


When business professionals leverage the power of social media, they will experience a dramatic increase in profit. Additionally, business owners will procure a large influx in loyal customers, contributing to company growth as these loyal customers refer others.